This week’s writing prompt is inspired by Tattooed Mummy’s post this week, ‘Music, Children and Adult Only Spaces.’ Included is the BBC News report on renowned violinist Kyung-Wha Chung berating the parents of a coughing child during her performance of Mozart’s Sonata in G. “Maybe bring her back when she’s older,” she scolded the parents from the stage. As far as I understand, this was a young child and not a babe in arms since I do think that in such an arena a babe in arms would have been inappropriate. However, a young child? Especially since adults cough involuntarily on occasions during a performance. What do you think? Should there be places and spaces designated ‘Adults only?’ While you ponder, have a read of where Tattooed Mummy’s coming from on the subject. Ed

I don’t know about you but I sometimes cough in a concert (or theatre, or cinema) and you do your best to muffle it but mostly life (and the concert, play, film etc) goes on. Of course a prolonged hacking fit of coughing would make me leave but just a bit of coughing? I guess I might hope to find something to suck (behave!) in my bag but that’s all. We are humans, silence is not always possible.

And what of the strange idea that a child is ‘too young’ for a concert? Can that be right? Are there ‘adult only’ spaces and if there are should they at least be clearly marked? If a concert plans to be adult only should it not at the very least say so on a ticket?

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