In her post, ‘Preparing to go away on another trip,’ Tanya talks about her increasing anxiety about ‘the most ridiculous things.’ To parking the car in an unfamiliar spot to cleaning the bejeezus out of the fridge freezer, Tanya talks about her sometimes struggle with everyday realities. Surprising for such an outwardly confident person, spokesperson and charity ambassador – and is why we love her and her space on the internet. You walk away from reading Tanya’s blog feeling validated in your own feelings and peculiarities, delighting in a truly authentic voice. Tanya brings this same authenticity to her recent trip to the corner of four war zones. Yes, this amazing person who hesitates to walk into a room full of strangers, flew out again to extend the arm of friendship under the umbrella of World Vision UK. Brava, Tanya! Ed

This is a post about friendship.

I need to process the things we have seen today, and think about the people we have met before I fall asleep and of all the stories we have heard today the overwhelming thread to it all is friendship.

Two different families hosted us today, in an area in the north of Jordan called Ajloun. It’s on the tourist route as Ajloun castle is a “must see”. Except for us. If there had been time we might have visited this afternoon but with all these sorts of visits there is no schedule and you can’t say you will only be there for an hour.

Our second family this afternoon consisted of mum, Kawthar, her five children, and her dad, Fares,  who lived just down the street. It was actually to his house that we went first and he then took us to meet Kawthar.

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