You send out a writing prompt and you never know what you’ll get back. Being the talented crop of post-40 bloggers that we are, we can near enough guarantee whatever does come back is quality. So it was when we retweeted writing prompt No. 5 – “Write the first 300 words of your autobiography.” Sid took up the challenge and presented us with 300 words that we wished had continued past the 300-word mark. Sublime writing and a stellar rendition of the prompt. How would your autobiography begin? Don’t worry about the rest of it, just how would it begin? Enjoy Sid’s beginnings. Ed

I was born in a room that was used by the local undertaker as a workshop so the week my mother spent “laying in” meant the loss of income for our family.

The house was in a back street slum that was built to cope with the population explosion that turned a tiny village into a big town. The houses were shoved up as opposed to being built carefully and so were never much to begin with. My sister and I were the fourth generation of our family to live there (we moved when I was a baby just before it was pulled down so I have no memories of the house) and it belonged to a cousin by marriage who owned the shop next door.

In those days the family that I was born into was poor though my great grandmother came from a “good” family and had made the mistake of marrying down.

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