Like many of us, Niki’s fear of failing started in childhood. Those limiting beliefs we take into ourselves which go on to shape who we think we are through the lens of other people’s worldview. I found this post touching and authentic especially since many of us go to great lengths to hide real or perceived failings. The finale to Niki’s post is also very eye opening and stopped me in my tracks – as it may do anyone who has children or a young person who looks up to them. Brava, Niki, Ed

So Middle S had a homework assignment to research and choose an interesting phobia and she chose Scelerophobia: a fear of bad men, which is fair enough.

I am well versed on sharing my key phobias with all and sundry: flying, spiders, death (’nuff said, right?). Some feel it’s okay to belittle and make fun of my serious and irrational fears and whilst I’m not proud of them, how dare they negate what simply leaves me with night sweats, gut-wrenching cramps and a loss of face in front of my kids? Come sit next to me on a plane during take off and you’ll see how unfunny it is!

But the worst (and silent) phobia I have is a fear of failure – Atychiphobia – to the point that I simply will not attempt something because I think I might fail.

I am now realising that this goes back, way back, to my school days.

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