So this is the week that launched a thousand waiting lists.

On Tuesday 1st March envelopes and emails were opened with trepidation as parents and year sixes discovered the fate of where they’ll be come September 2016.

At the start of the week the media had already whipped their frenzy of stories about not enough school places. This would then be counter-argued by the powers-that-be telling us that new free schools can be created as though we could all just take a box of Lego to the nearest brown space and build one. Then of course the cynics will post memes of how we all just went to the school down the road ‘back in the day.’

All of this makes it sound so very simple and gut-wrenchingly frightening all at the same time.

But for many (I’m hearing thousands) parents it’s not simple and is causing extreme anxiety. It could be that their child may not get a place. I mean, what the hell do you do with that? Keep them at home until a kid gets excluded or ask if their primary school can keep them on and set some challenging work?

Some children may not get a place in their school of their sibling or in their borough. Whilst some may not be bothered if they’re in the same school as their brother or sister – it may be a welcome relief – parents could be left spinning uniforms and school term dates. In London, stepping over the borough line may not be too much of a hassle with easy transport but for those out in the suburbs or countryside results could add hours to travelling time.

And oh yeah, the pop up new schools. Well my experience of this is that parents will most likely be all gung-ho for the new academies with the new uniforms and new teachers and new buildings… new buildings? But after you’ve signed your kid up, bought the uniform, put up with the temporary site for two years only to discover the new building has shifted three miles down the road to a different borough with a different intake than you had bargained for… that brand new school may have lost its shine.

So, yes, I will be joining the throng of parents this year who went to bed on Monday night with toes and fingers crossed for a good result for September 2016.


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