Several things intrigue me about people, one of which is how they come by their given names.

For sure, some parents were on acid when they picked the names of their children. However, due to all sorts of human rights laws we are limited (not that limited, but somewhat limited) as to the names we are allowed to give our children. I think ‘Facebook’ and ‘Linked In’ are now out along with any profanities (Bugger.)

If I had my time again, and to save time, I would probably have named each of my four children:

  1. ‘You-did-what?’
  2. ‘For-the-last-time’
  3. ‘Not-now’
  4. ‘Clean-it-up’

Although hyphens may also be a no-go area in the naming stakes.

Even without the protection of the law, though, one saving grace out of our given names is the mighty ‘Nickname.’ Another fascinating area for me where people are concerned.

Me, myself, I have several nicknames. Here’s two that’s repeatable.

‘Her-Mel-ness’ – given to me by my dear Cousin Sara years before I was a blogger or even knew what a blog was. A ‘New Yorker’ in that fabulous Dorothy Parker style and one of the funniest women I am ever likely to know, Sara did a little curtsey the day she graced with me this out-of-the-blue nickname. Years later it became the go-to for my blog and alter-ego, HerMelness Speaks…Out.

‘Plumly’ – for no other reason than my young son (about 5 years old at the time) woke up one morning and said ‘Hey, Plumly.’ I said ‘Hey’ back and the nickname stuck.

There are others, but my favourite nickname story is a tale that belonged to my late husband, Bronnie.

As a young boy, his mother was reading ‘Winnie The Pooh’ to him when the phone rang. Bronnie answered it and, when asked by his mother who was on the phone, he said “I don’t know, but she sounds like ‘Tigger’. From that day forth the woman was known as ‘Tigger’ by friends and family. Yep, she was ‘Tigger’ for the rest of her days and the story is made even funnier as this woman was a real patrician matriarch not given to frippery.

How great is that story?

Which segues nicely into this week’s Post40Bloggers writing prompt:

Talk about nicknames.

Wishing you a great week.

‘Her-Mel-ness’ (Hah!)