This post speaks to those times when no amount of To Do Lists and running around faster than we did last week can out-list or out-run that sometimes feeling of it all being, well, too much. I find bottling up these feelings in denial work for a very short time before something gives. This post has hit on the brilliant tack of re-branding some of those ‘urgent’ priorities. Ed

The past couple of weeks I have mostly been feeling overwhelmed.  Not overwhelmed in a good way (A surprise party!  You guys are amazing!  I don’t know what to say!), but in a suffocating, life-can-be-quite-hard-work-and-also-a-bit-shitty-sometimes sort of a way.

It feels like all the points on my many and various To Do lists have merged together and risen up in one giant wave threatening to totally engulf me in a metaphorical wipe out.

This isn’t just a single parent rant, I am well aware that there are many happy couples out there who are feeling the stress just as keenly, but having to shoulder the responsibility of everything on my own is almost certainly a contributing factor.

The worst part about it is that, no matter how much I achieve there is always more to be done waiting around the corner; work, house, children, blog, self, there is never the opportunity to sit and reflect on tasks completed or problems conquered before gearing up to fight the next battle.

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