I’m proud to be English. It’s the country that I was born in, that educated me and that I’ve always been proud to be able to contribute to through my work, taxes and voluntary efforts. It’s home.

I’m proud to be British. For me and many others, Britishness is about being welcoming and inclusive to everyone who calls our islands home and who contributes to our society. We’re brilliant at being able to work well with others, in pursuit of the common good, just as we did when we defeated the dictators of all political shades and beliefs during the 20th century.

I’m a proud European. The freedom to live and work more easily than ever before in countries across European Union has already benefited millions of us, as well as enabling our European friends to live and work here so that they too can enrich and contribute to our society.

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Tim Holyoake
My name's Tim. I'm 50, live and work in Derby, am happily married (since 1988) and have two beautiful grown-up daughters who are in their early 20s. I've been blogging away quietly at www.tenpencepiece.net since 2008 covering a diverse range of topics, but with a bias towards the joys and woes of being a mature student. Post40bloggers is a welcome addition to my world as it's always great to receive encouragement, ideas and challenges from friends who also love blogging, yet have their own unique perspective on life. I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for lifelong learning with this community as well as hearing your stories. I hope that those of you who haven't been bitten by the lifelong learning bug (yet!) feel suitably enthused and motivated to try something for yourself. Learning definitely isn't only for the young ...