Why would anyone leave a baby to cry? I did.

Would I do it again?

Most probably not if the circumstances were the same, but in some circumstances, yes, yes I’d try it, and before you shout me down here’s what I did, and why I would, or wouldn’t do it again.

When DD was born 17 years ago I was a novice mum. I didn’t have a lot of close friends living near and none that had babies. All my school mates had moved away and none were married. My mum lived hundreds of miles away. The Internet existed but not with social media like it is today. I joined a small message board of mums, they were almost all American, everything from our ‘diaper’ choices to feeding methods were very different, though everyone was friendly. Mostly I bought some books and took advice from my midwives and health visitors (who were all lovely and really helpful, by the way).

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