It is always exciting to get a new subscriber to Post-40 Bloggers, especially bloggers who have writing at their core and, thus, understand the exhilarating and deeply frustrating episodes that can make up the writing process. I was particularly drawn to Paul’s eloquent honesty in this post (‘Anxious About Writing’) about his life anxieties and how that translates into his writing – or not writing. Enjoy. Ed

I have been experiencing a great deal of anxiety these last few months. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say that in common with most people, a sudden and large injection of cash would make things a lot easier. What it feels like, is a tension in my belly. And when it gets really bad, that tension travels to my chest. I have learned over the years that when I feel something in my chest, things have gone a bit too far.

If I was really struggling, if I couldn’t pay my mortgage or for food, then I would embrace that tightness in my chest as entirely natural. How else should one feel such fear? But I’m not in that situation. What I have been thinking is irrational and even obsessional. What I have been feeling is the result of that irrationality.

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Paul Bowler
Hello, my name is Paul W.S. Bowler. Welcome to my blog. Forgive the gratuitous use of initials but I am a writer and initials are very fashionable for writers. I am a middle aged, bearded man from County Kerry. I am a Social Care Worker and when I’m not pontificating on Twitter I’m always trying to write my next novel. While my primary interest is Science Fiction and Fantasy, I have also written a YA novel set in present day USA. I will explore my writing process as well as comment on things that interest me. Fortunately many things interest me, from sport to philosophy and DS9 to politics, so I’m unlikely to run out of things to say.