I’ve worked with colleagues who keep professional and personal lives in separate boxes. They rarely, if ever, accept social engagements with work colleagues which involve their own time (evenings and weekends come to mind).

Departmental or company away days in the name of morale and team building are usually okay. Well, except that nub again of not being able to retire to your room at the end of a day of raft building and problem solving. No, colleagues are then usually expected, even corralled, into some forced jollity in the hotel bar or restaurant.

Which is okay, isn’t it? Except…

The murmurings soon start about colleagues who do keep their personal lives just that. These colleagues are often vilified as not team players, anti-social or anti-corporation.

My own yardstick is placed on availability and ability to socialise with work colleagues. Oh, and whether I want to or not. I attend a fair few gatherings but not all – and I’m comfortable with that.

Having discovered that rare sighting of work:life balance, which was a mystery to me in my younger days on my way up the greasy pole with the other rats, I’m now loathe to let it go. My personal life is packed, ney chocca, with people and hobbies I love and only get to see or do at the weekends, evenings or annual leave. Should our professional careers then be jeopardised if we’re reluctant to give up free personal days?

And anyone who knows writers, know the time-consuming and soul rending exercise that can be on its own. Even when we’re not writing, that process alone can be a time suck. The analysing, the angsting, the guilt of not writing when we should be takes up a lot of free time, people.

So, that was my muse today and which is offered up as this week’s writing prompt for your own inimitable take, whether you work in a conventional office or are self or unemployed. The breadth of experience from the post-40 bloggers community are all valid and the writing prompts yours to interpret as you wish. With that in mind, then:

Work vs personal life divide. Discuss!

Have a great writing week.