Writing prompts

Post-40 Bloggers - man with writers block

Writing prompts are issued weekly without deadlines. Tackle the prompts at your leisure and in any order. Yep, we know. We’re good that way.

  1. If you could go back in time and change ONE thing, what would it be?
  2. A favourite thing in your house
  3. Fear
  4. In a world full of uncertainty, what do you know for sure?
  5. The first 300 words of your autobiography
  6. The piece of advice that has meant the most to you
  7. Complete this thought: “I understood friendship when…”
  8. The last time you felt unadulterated happiness
  9. Something you really like about yourself
  10. Secrets
  11. Favourite smells
  12. Your body
  13. Write a post incorporating a song lyric seamlessly into one of the paragraphs
  14. An opinion piece about tattoos and/or body piercings in the workplace
  15. You can’t have too many…
  16. An act of kindness that sticks in your memory
  17. Leaving home
  18. Nicknames
  19. Books
  20. Adult only spaces and places
  21. Write a guide for someone on how to live your life
  22. An ‘Ah hah’ moment
  23. Five things you want to see happen for you this year
  24. How do you feel about blogging compared to when you first started?
  25. If money wasn’t an issue
  26. Guilty pleasures
  27. The place you grew up
  28. How did the first month of the year treat you?
  29. Superstitions
  30. Try and write about an experience out of your nature or comfort zone
  31. I’m avoiding…
  32. What were you like as a child?
  33. Write a letter to a former teacher
  34. The turning point
  35. Talk about your relationship with food
  36. Voting – a moral imperative?
  37. Something you’ve lost
  38. The good old days
  39. A post incorporating these six words: decision, map, soap, castle, hair, blanket
  40. Something that made you laugh
  41. I hope…
  42. Fight or flight?
  43. Sacrifice
  44. Fathers
  45. Alcohol
  46. Your creative process
  47. Invent a new word
  48. Sit in front of a mirror and write about your face
  49. Write a fairytale
  50. The gift you’d give someone who has everything
  51. Write about a childhood game
  52. How we met
  53. You’ve invented a new ice-cream for the over 40s. What’s in it and what is it called?
  54. Change your first name and discuss your choice
  55. Write about a time you fell in love
  56. Hiring and firing decisions based on someone’s social media
  57. Sum yourself up using a quotation and discuss your choice
  58. I want to be more…
  59. I want to be less…
  60. Write about a memorable purchase
  61. Write about the most courageous thing you’ve done
  62. What era would you have liked to live in?
  63. My life is made up of…
  64. Trapped
  65. Write about the last time you said No
  66. Let’s talk phobias!
  67. The phone rings at 3:00 am. What are your immediate thoughts?
  68. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  69. Using only what is already in the house, you have been given one day to make a gift for someone.
  70. Talk about compliments
  71. Discuss your relationship with rules
  72. You will lose your sense of taste tomorrow
  73. Compose a letter to the person you least want to see right now
  74. Your best friend
  75. Childhood slight(s)
  76. When
  77. Do not speak for 1 hour then write about the experience
  78. Make the case that a potato is a romantic gift
  79. Something you’ll never do again
  80. How do you cope with Writer’s Block?
  81. Mothers
  82. Something you desperately wanted when you were a child
  83. An awkward moment
  84. The role of celebrities as role models
  85. Creativity…
  86. Your relationship with animals
  87. You and sport
  88. The voting age in the UK has been lowered to age 14
  89. Excuses
  90. Something you are attached to
  91. Freedom of speech on social media
  92. A twist in the tale
  93. You’re being shipped to an island and can only take 5 memories with you
  94. Indulgence
  95. Surprises
  96. Work vs personal life divide
  97. Endings
  98. Strange behaviour
  99. Trust issues
  100. Talk about your education
  101. Childhood toys
  102. Handling difficult situations
  103. A tradition you would like to see carried on
  104. Them and Us
  105. Holding a grudge
  106. My true calling
  107. First cinema experience
  108. You’ve been given a free day
  109. Inner conflict
  110. Your first job (courtesy @mrsnige)
  111. Choose a life to live for a day (courtesy @liveotherwise)
  112. 40 things that make you smile
  113. A big mistake
  114. Before social media
  115. Words or advice given to you on leaving home
  116. Write your obituary
  117. The best…
  118. The UK General Election (Jun-17)
  119. Bank Holidays
  120. Dear young person…
  121. A triumph, a regret, an aspiration
  122. How are you?
  123. Something you’re putting off
  124. Dispose of £5m in one day
  125. Fathers
  126. What do you know?
  127. Which celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
  128. Something you’ve let go
  129. Hang-ups
  130. Write a letter you need to read
  131. Family
  132. The cavalry isn’t coming
  133. In a race between an apple and an orange, which one would win and why?
  134. If only…
  135. Write something meaningful
  136. Share what you consider is your best post to date and explain why
  137. When someone younger taught you something valuable
  138. A dish or recipe close to your heart
  139. Superstitions
  140. Your top ten movies to date
  141. A childhood memory